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Careers with Impact Forum

Net Impact’s annual conference brings in speakers and panelists from all industries to discuss the various ways to have an impactful career and create positive change in the business world. It also includes networking opportunities with alumni and panelists and is a great way to kick off the recruiting season. For more information, contact Ian Harten.


The Turner-MIINT Impact Investing Training Program gives students hands-on experience with Impact Investing. This year, Kenan-Flagler’s team focused on The Hurd Co. has made it to the Global FINALS at Wharton! For more information contact Kelsey McKenna. 

Social Impact Summer Grants (SISG)

Throughout the year we raise money for the SISG grants. These grants are awarded to first years at the end of the year who are pursuing internships in the impact industry. These opportunities are often unpaid or underpaid, so the grants allow students to pursue the internship of their choice without worrying about a lower salary. For more information, contact Avery Portland.

Green Week

Every year we host Green Week in the spring to highlight sustainability on the KF campus. It is for all members of the community and we host speakers, challenges, and social events throughout the week. For more information contact Jenny Skedros.

Career Learning and Development Sessions

This fall, we will be hosting Learning and Development sessions for those interested in recruiting within the impact sector. For more information contact Lauren Milazzo or Johanna Wassermann.